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    NEW (August 13th 1996):

    The Viking Race 1996 --- Results

    Espen Torp is the F3F World Champion!

    The Viking Race 1996 was held in Iceland August 6-13. The contest was an open international contest to current F.A.I. F3F rules.

    The Viking Race headquarters were at the small Viking Village Asgardur Hotel in Hvolsvollur, (110 km from Reykjavik, on the south coast).

    Weather conditions were not as favorable as we had hoped. We could therefore never use the good slope near the hotel, but had to drive about 60 km to Kambar mountain. Low wind and rain plagued us. Only 5 rounds of the 10 planned could be completed. Fritz Kristoffersen did have the best time 37.51 s.

    Besides the unfavourable weather, the competition was without significant problems. The contestants displayed good sportsmanship and were real Vikings on the top of Kambar mountain, sometimes in a heavy rain and fog.

    At the banquet and pricegiving ceremony it was agreed that the next Viking Race will take place in South Wales 1998.

    The result:

    Individual Contest.
    PLACE NAME                   COUNTRY      TEAM     TOTAL

    1 Espen Torp Norway NOR 3979 2 Jesper Jensen Denmark DEN 3781 3 Rolf Borge Rettedal Norway NOR 3758

    4 Fritz Kristoffersen Norway NOR 3743 5 Jan Hansen Denmark DEN 3678 6 John McCurdy England ENG 3665

    7 Peter Rundle England ENG 3533 8 David Woods England ENG 3461 9 Didier Lanot France FRA 3429

    10 Geir Njaa Norway INT 3384 11 Bordes Olivier France INT 3384 12 Rafn Thorarensen Iceland ICE 3371

    13 Pierre Rondel France FRA 3369 14 Inaki Elizondo Casado Spain SPA 3354 15 Suss Jerome France FRA 3338

    16 Bodvar Gudmundsson Iceland ICE 3277 17 Julio Cesar Roman Spain SPA 3198 18 Preben Norholm Denmark DEN 3133

    19 Hans Merkli Switzerland SUI 3045 20 Hans Peter Senn Switzerland SUI 3016 21 Marcelino Punal Pensado Spain SPA 2983

    22 Paul Weibel Switzerland INT 2958 23 Frimann Frimannsson Iceland ICE 2942 24 Rolf Girsberger Switzerland SUI 2919 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Three Man Team Contest - for the Viking Trophy. PLACE TEAM TOTAL FAI POINTS 1 NOR 11480 2 ENG 10658 3 DEN 10592 4 FRA 10136 5 INT 9726 6 ICE 9590 7 SPA 9535 8 SUI 8980 -----------------------------------------------------------------

    We may have some images from the contest here soon!

    You can download the Excel calculation sheet used to calculate the results at the Viking Race 1996.
    It is in three versions: Unsorted as used during the race. Sorted according to PLACE. Emty sheet ready for use. All the files are ZIPed in to one file VIKRACE.ZIP. Also included is a text file describing known problems (VIKRACE.TXT).
    No macro is used, only formulas in the cells.
    Feel free to use them in your own race. Do not hesitate to improve the sheets! Please let us know of any improvements.


    Viking Race Contestants: I am collecting your E-mail and WWW addresses. Please send me your address. I plan to put the list here for your convenience.
    Arnar B. Vignisson,

    How is the weather in Iceland to-day?
    Current satellite image of Iceland.

    Here you can find plenty of information on the Viking culture.
    The World of the Vikings.

    This is an aerial view of the Viking Race site. The small mountain adjacent to the village is Hvolsfjall. It is very well suited for slope soaring. The small village is Hvolsvollur. The Viking Village Asgardur Hotel can be seen just to the right of the end of Hvolsfjall mountain (it is about 60% from the bottom and 20% from right - you have to look very carefully at the small hill at the far right end of Hvolsfjall). The active, but at the moment dormant, volcano Hekla is just outside the top left corner. Last eruption was in the year 1992. This photo is from the Hvolsvollur tourist guide brochure.

    Here you see the viking hotel Asgardur. It is situated at the east edge of Hvolsfjall, adjacent to the church (top left), about 1 km from the Viking Race site. You can see the end of Hvolsfjall just behind the hotel. You can stay either in the main building (top center), or in one of the small huts (front). The workshop is in the large building to the right.

    The Viking Village Asgardur Hotel,
    860 Hvolsvollur, Iceland.
    Phone: +(354) 487 8367
    Fax +(354) 487 8387.

    Here is the exact location of Asgardur, if you have a GPS. A Garmin GPS-38 (cost $189) showed this just in front of the main building:

    N 63°45.072'
    W 020°12.657'

    By the way, The model airfield Hamranes-flugvollur is located at:

    N 64°02.137'
    W 021°56.921'

    The above coordinates should be accurate within +/- 100 meters.

    VIKING RACE 1996


    August 6th to August 13th, 1996

    Contest Organiser

    The Icelandic Aeromodellers Association
    Neshamrar 18,
    112 Reykjavík

    INVITATION. The Viking Race Organising Committee is pleased to invite Slope Racing enthusiasts from F.A.I. affiliated countries to take part in the Viking Race, F.A.I. category F3F.

    If your name is on the following list: Your entry has been received and verified and we are looking forward to meet you in Iceland, August 6th to 13th.

    ORGANISER. The Icelandic RC Club Þytur will be the organiser of the fifth open FAI international Viking F3F Slope Race, on behalf of the Icelandic Aeromodellers Association.

    DATE. Tuesday August 6th to Tuesday August 13th, inclusive, 1996.

    PLACE. Hvolsvöllur, situated on the south coast of Iceland. The distance from the Keflavík airport to village Hvolsvöllur is about 159 Km, through the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík.

    F.A.I. LICENCE. Each competitor must have a F.A.I. Sporting Licence valid for the year 1996.

    COMPETITION RULES. The contest has been scheduled as an open international contest to current F.A.I. F3F rules.

    OFFICIAL LANGUAGE. The official language for the event will be English, with a flavour of Icelandic pronunciation.

    AWARDS. 1. Three Man Team Contest - for the Viking Trophy. 2. Individual Contest.

    CURRENCY RATE. 1. June 1996

    1 USD equals to 66 I.Kr.
    1 GBP equals to 104 I.Kr.
    1 DEM equals to 45 I.Kr.

    The Viking Village Ásgarður Hotel,
    860 Hvolsvöllur,
    Phone: +354 487 8367
    Fax +354 487 8387.

    Hotel reservations for approx. 60 - 70 people have been made in the small Viking Village Ásgarður Hotel. The hotel has been designed in an old fashion Viking style and is situated right outside village Hvolsvollur, at a distance of about 1 Km from the hill Hvolsfjall where the race will be held. Workshop facilities will be made available.

    The Hotelier has asked that competitors contact him direct to make their bookings. These bookings should be made as soon as possible to ensure that your accommodation is reserved. Rooms will be in small huts for four persons, or in the hotel for four persons or two persons. When booking, you should state that you are a "Viking Race" competitor so that you receive a preferential price, also make sure to specify which of the following to include with your reservation:

    Prices per person/per day:

    Room (own sleeping bag) IKr. 1.200,-
    Room IKr. 1.900,-
    Breakfast IKr. 700,-
    Evening meal IKr. 1.600,-
    Packed lunch IKr. 700,-
    Banquet meal IKr. 2.200,-

    In villages Hvolsvöllur and Hella are several small, quiet, family hotels. There are a number of camping and caravan sites close by for the more intrepid visitors.

    FREQUENCIES. The 35 MHz Channels 61 to 80 is recommended at 10 Khz spacing. Other frequencies on the 40 MHz and 72 MHz bands may be available subject to successful application to the Icelandic Telecommunications Authority.

    TRAVEL INFO. Keflavík Airport 159 Km from Hvolsvöllur
    Reykjavík 106 Km from Hvolsvöllur

    AIRPORT. Keflavík Airport. Approximately 159 Km from the Hotel Ásgarður, Hvolsvöllur.

    CAR RENTAL. All major car rental companies are represented at Keflavík Airport. Reservations should be made through your own travel agent.

    FLYING SITES. Flying will take place on various slopes in the area. The main slopes which we intend to use are within 1 Km of the Hotel. An auxiliary slope which we will use in an emergency is within 50 Km. from the Hotel.

    Tuesday 6.08.96 Arrival, Registration, processing, Team managers meeting.
    Wednesday 7.08.96 Official opening. Round -0. Contest starts.
    Thursday 8.08.96 Contest day.
    Friday 9.08.96 Contest day.
    Saturday 10.08.96 Contest day.
    Sunday 11.08.96 Contest day.
    Monday 12.08.96 Contest day. Banquet, pricegiving ceremony.
    Tuesday 13.08.96 Departure.

    David Woods, England.
    John McCurdy, England.
    Peter Rundle, England.
    Rolf Girsberger, Switzerland.
    Hans Peter Senn, Switzerland.
    Hans Merkli, Switzerland.
    Paul Weibel, Switzerland.
    Pierre Rondel, France.
    Bordes Olivier, France.
    Suss Jerome, France.
    Didier Lanot, France.
    Julio Cesar Roman, Spain.
    Inaki Elizondo Casado, Spain.
    Marcelino Punal Pensado, Spain.
    Espen Torp, Norway.
    Rolf Börge Rettedal, Norway.
    Geir Njaa, Norway.
    Fritz Kristoffersen, Norway.
    Jan Hansen, Denmark.
    Jesper Jensen, Denmark.
    Preben Nörholm, Denmark.
    Böðvar Guðmundsson, Iceland.
    Frímann Frímannsson, Iceland.
    Rafn Thorarensen, Iceland.

    The Icelandic Aeromodellers Association and the Viking Race Organising Committee wish all competitors the very best of luck with their preparations for this event.

    This page is maintained by Thytur, Model Aircraft Club in Iceland.

    15/08/1996 ahb

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